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The Ultimate Hair Business Course + Mentorship

EVERYTHING you need to build a successful Hair Business
-All of our courses put together
-Strategy call with CEO Rocky and Intuitive Marketing Coach Trina
-Bonus courses
-Free access to any future workshop/masterclass
-60+ different Hair Business owners advice/tips

 Take advantage of this discount now before the price goes up! 

Text/call Rocky: 228-596-5678 or email if you have any questions
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Tired of not getting any sales or momentum?

Imagine bringing in sales every single day, being proud of your business, and being excited to start your day each day!  It's possible! This course was created to get you there. Take charge of your life and be your own boss! This will help you with every step in your journey. Change your life today by learning from an industry expert


  • Step by step guide
  • All of Hair Maiden India's Business Courses
  • Free access to any new course we make
  • Mentorship call
  • Text support with CEO Rocky
  • Exclusive hair discounts
  • Answers to our hair business survey (showing you 60+ hair business owners advice and story)
  • Scripts
  • Mini ebooks we made that you can highlight/take notes on

Entire Business Setup

-How to get started ASAP
-Choosing a name
-Payment Processing
-Hiring/Team Building
-Dealing with Fraud
-Business/Life balance
-How to work remotely
-How to set up banking/accounts
-Business loans

Advanced Marketing Strategies

-Google Ads
-Hair Shows
-Reframe how you see sales
-Confidence building
-Creative Ideas
-Tailored advice
-Pricing hair
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Meet the instructor

Rocky Kandola

Rocky Kandola built a Hair Empire bringing in 6+ figures a year. He is a business and philosophy graduate who spends his time traveling the world inspiring others to take control of their life. 

Visit to learn more about his company! He is now an industry leader with his own factory, team, and speaking business as well. 

He also started Manali Tea Company and Sacred Rose Water, along with many other businesses. 

 He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their  abilities.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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