hair business mentorship

Live Group Mastermind

Bi-weekly group zoom meetings where you can ask Rocky any questions you have. Includes 2 live group calls a month 

Have specific questions or limited beliefs holding you back from moving forward? Ask an expert to speed up the process and gain momentum.
Don't waste time staying stuck in one struggle, utilize years of experience from an industry leader who has seen the ins and outs of the industry for years.
He actually travels to India annually and visits/tours factories, learns how the hair is made all over, and has tested over and over again so you don't have to!

Get clarity TODAY
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  • A group zoom call hosted by Rocky every 2 weeks with a group of motivated woman helping eachother succeed!
  • Strategy
  • Biz Tips + Advice
  • Tailored advice, branding ideas, marketing strategy
  •  Full Support from an industry leader

Join a community!

-You will be apart of an amazing community growing, learning, expanding, and making money together! 

-Constant motivation and accountability 

-Emotional support while building a business and going through the difficulties

- Learn what is working for others and what's not working. Join a community that is helping each other grow! 

Clarity and Confidence

 -Learn exactly what you need to know to get going

-Perfect for self-starters who already have spent time researching how to start a hair business but still want some clarity + advice from someone who has actually succeeded in the industry
Meet the instructor

Rocky Kandola

Rocky Kandola built a Hair Empire bringing in 6+ figures a year. He is a business and philosophy graduate who spend his time traveling the world inspiring others to take control of their life. 
Visit to learn more about his company! He is now an industry leader with his own factory, team, and speaking business as well. 
He also started Manali Tea Company and Sacred Rose Water, along with many other businesses. 
 He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their abilities.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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